21 September 2013

MFW Prada S'S 14

''Sometimes you have to be loud to be heard'' said the genius Miuccia Prada after the show..This face collection is both bold and worn..with sport Nineties clean lines. Saturn colored  dresses smattered with primary-colored jewels,bras on outerwear worn with sport socks and sandals.Colorful bejeweled coats, fantastic skirts printed with sporty motifs- faces gave an artistic view such as a Picasso face painting!

9 September 2013

Carine Roitfeld-The most Iconic Fashion Editor

Sophisticated elegant and provocative Carine is always a step forward into the fashion industry..A Parisienne mademoiselle born with a French natural allure and elegance became the  Editor in Chief at Vogue Paris for over a decade. We will all get a glimpse into the life of Carine and the magic world of fashion with the September 11th  premiere of Mademoiselle C. 
Can't wait..

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