17 December 2011

London Vintage shopping

London has many vintage Shops, but some of my favourite are located at Portobello Street..Let's talk about Vintage Fashion!Vintage was simply another word for ''second hand'' but nowadays, wearing vintage provides an opportunity to sport beautifully made clothes that are individual,a unique piece of history many a time and less expensive.Vintage counts from the ''Belle Epoque'' 1890 up to 1980's pieces!I discovered some of them at Portobello Market with amazing collection in Chanel handbags ,shoes,gloves, sunnies
fur jackets ,trenchcoats,skirts,heels from Balenciaga
to Givency, Burberry, YSL,Valentino , Versace , Prada, Moschino and of course Hermes!
I love Vintage Shopping, looking for fashion treasures..by old smell!

Chanel Vintage  Bags

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