21 September 2011

Gucci Fashion Show Live Milan-Women Spring Summer 2012

Today in Milan was the Gucci Fashion Show for Women Spring-Summer 2012, it was an amazing experience through Live streaming.I was waiting until 2:00 p.m to attend Gucci fashion show using my vip invitation! I have to say that Frida dared to dress up her models with glamour,gold ,metallic colors! One of my favorites was an elegant dress with chains at the back,in white and mustad colors!I loved the blue black tuxedos with cut architecture lines &white trousers with bottons on finishing! I liked so much the Blue-Green mixtures in dresses!

As for the accessories, gold metallic flat sandals and oversized sunnies are fashion statement. Many stiped dresses in black&white, and gold metallic dresses reminds me 20's style like charleston!Many black dresses with gold details,gold jackets with gold fringes!As for the make-up was preffered smoky eyes with nude lips!
Frida Giannini stated that was inspired by architecture lines with fresh,bold white-blue black colors!

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