7 August 2011

My fashion rules for wedding Guests!

1. A stylish hat is a must for an elegant outfit or a fascinator for the youngest girls.

2. Prefer to wear light colors, never wear white unless is floral with  flower prints. Avoid bright colors.

3. Strictly forbidden to wear fully dark colors in clothes,such as Black or purple.

4. Prefer to wear a long maxi or midi length dress, or a tuxedos suit  instead of a mini dress.

5. Try to put as much more natural make-up, especially if it's summer wedding and please not make your hair formal , like you've come just from the salon.

6. You have to wear an elegant dress and stand out , but do not forget that the focus is the bride and not you.

7.  Avoid wearing Large handbags or with logo, but always a croco clutch with exotic leather is a must-have!

8.  Don't match clothes and shoes ,you have to make a contrast! Prefer to wear a pair of shoes in nude colors or an all time classic black Manolo or Christian Louboutin!

9.  Not Fake jewelry, only vintage, gold ,diamonds or pearls.

10. The Grecian style dresses with pleats combined with gold sandals are the most elegant for a summer wedding.

11. If you are looking to find a dress,will go to department stores such as Top Shop, H&M, Macy's, Selfridges will buy something simple but elegant which will reuse! Please Focus on accessories and Shoes.

12. If it is a winter wedding, try a small fur or a long chic coat for shoulder-cover ,if it is a summer wedding use a bolero than a shawl or even better nothing.

13. Do not forget as my grandmother adviced me, nobody looks at the first dress, the hair-style always first and then the shoes!!

14. As for the mother of the bride,  a midi dress or skirt below the knee combined with an elegant suit in soft grey light blue tint or in nude salmon color is the most elegant outfit.(Such as the Mother of Kate Middleton).

15.If you are the best friend of the bride, or her sister chose a soft pink colored dress or a turquoise !

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