24 August 2011


Ballerinas are flat shoes-first worn by female ballet dancers,in 1952 Repetto was created the first advertising for Repetto.At the request of Brigitte Bardot Rose Repetto created the ballerina Cinderella, wore in the film ''Etudieu crea la femme''. In 2004 signed the first partnership with Comme des Garcons. In 1954 Salvatore Ferragamo creates for Audrey Hepburn one of his most famous styles :a suede ballerina with strap.The ''Vara'' Ferragamo's most famous shoe,designed by Fiamma di San Giuliano Ferragamo. Chanel Ballerinas have quilted patent calfskin, and classicballerinas are in black and white color.

A pair of ballerinas can be combined with baggy jeans style or with leggings can create a casual style. Firstly you have to invest in more classic colors such as black,neutral beige or red. I prefer red or soft pink ballerinas which you can wear all seasons, always buy one size larger. Ballerinas is also right choice for a coctail dress,or even for a fashion show. You can wear them from the morning until the night to create an elegant style!Many celebrities such as Carla Bruni, Kate Moss,Kate Holmes,Olivia Palermo used to wear ballerinas with dresses.

Brigitte Bardot for Repetto

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