6 July 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective (1962-2002)

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the greatest names in French Fashion history.It has often be said that Chanel liberated women, years later Saint Laurent would give them power. He dressed women in tuxedos, reefer jackets ,blazers, coats,and trench coats.In March 1957,  started his career on Christian Dior . A year later, following Christian Dior's untimely death,he designed for many succesful collections.The first collection was a triumph ''Saint Laurent has saved France'' newspapers shouted. ''The Saint Laurent phenomenon succeeds to the Christian Dior phenonmen'' wrote Vogue. He has inspired by voyages in Morroco,Russia and had designed maharajah tunics,whimsical turbans, babushka headscarf hats. ''A woman dressed as a man must be at the height of her femininity to fight against a costume that isn't hers''  has said!By 1969,  he showed Sahariennes and garbed the Duchess of Winsdor in hippie look de lux patchwork.

Yves Saint Laurent was the activist of French Couture. During his Career Yves Saint Laurent, created numerous models that have become fashion icons  such as the Mondrian model of 1965, tauhgt that ''Clothing can not been as Sculpture''. The most important part o f the woman was her shoulders.

In 1966,the tuxedo transposed into the feminine caused a sensation, worn by young women who were delighted to be able to reject the full-lenght dress. ''The women of Saint Laurent have come out of the harem, the chateau,they can  be seen in the streets, the metros..Elegance according to the couturier, is a happy woman with a man at her side''. In the early 1980s ,the creator designed shorter dresses, deeper necklines, wider shoulders.Yves Saint Lauren has stated that :''It's style .I do not change.I become deeper.The cut changes .Fashion passes,style remains.''

''Elegance is being noticed while wearing a black dress.It's being at ease ,it's the attitude .It is not wrinkles or white hair that age a  woman,it is her gestures ,that is where my accessories play an important role .A scarf that one can play with..''With the tuxedo jacket and pants ,Saint Laurent dressed women in the symbols of male power.The vision of androgynous woman with a slim silhouette,like that of teenager remains an essential outfit of wardrope.

''Red is the basis for make-up,it is the lips,the nails.Red is a noble color,a color of precious stones,- The Ruby -and it is a dangerous color, sometimes you have to play with danger. Red is religious ,and its blood, and its royal ,its is a phedra and a multitude of heroines red light and red combat,red is combat between life and death.'' YSL has said. Yves Saint Laurent and the Fondation Pierre Berge-YSL maintain important collections of works of art of all periods.He has definitely inspired from the sources of cubism where his creations look like the revolutaniory work of Pablo Picasso or Piet Mondrian such as the Mondrian dress model.YSL had designed many times for Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve ( his first customer),and for many celebrities. In 2007 he was awarded the rank of Grand officier  de la  Legion d'honneur by French President Nicolas Sarkozy .

Muse Bag

Boots By YSL collection '09

'' His life is a legend ,his name is an empire..'' YSL style is unique, his work goes much further than that of a fashion design he inspired by social issues and created a retrospective perspective and gave self confidence   in women. I believe that he understood women than anyone else and made them feel strong and beautiful!

 A lot of Thanks to Pierre Berge &Yves Saint Laurent Fondation, is especially dedicated to my Dear Teacher of Style Management : Ms Martine Bruno at Parsons School in Paris.

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