14 July 2011

Hermès Scarves

The scarf or carré was introduced in 1928. Hermès for the production of  its scarves ,purchased  raw Chinese silk.Forty three is the highest number of screens used for one scarf, which is the'' Charity'' scarf, released in 2006.Scarf motives are wide ranging, two silk-scarf collection per year are released along with some reprints and limited editions.  Hermès has produced over 25,000 unique designs.The horse motif is the most famous  and popular. The ''Brides de Gala'' version intoduced in 1970s,has been produced more than 70,000 times. By the late 1970s more than 1.1 million scarves has been sold worldwide,an Hermès scarf  every 25 seconds is sold somewhere in the world!

   A lot of celebrities and princesses like Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, wore the popular Hermès scarves many times such as on the cover of a 1956 issue of  Life magazine and another time she used it as sling for her broken arm. Hermès scarves worn also by Queen Elizabeth II , Jackie O' Kennedy for her yaught style. Aundrey Hepburn was wearing scarves with different ways. Many fashionistas nowdays such as  Olivia Palermo,Chiara Ferragni, Miroslava Duma, Garance Dore, Nini, Sharon Stone,Victoria Becham, Madonna tend to wear Hermès  scarves.

Jackie'O, Aundrey ,Grace Kelly

Miroslava Duma

Olivia Palermo

I like the Hermès scarves combined with coctail  dresses 50's look , or together with tuxedos, a white shirt, or with a trenchcoat creates an elegant style. Also you can wear as tied around the waist, around the head or  hanging caught in the throat! It is definitely chic and so fresh and sophisticated look.Scarf is the most elegant fashion accessory which converts to a chic outfit! When i lived in Paris i learned that the real Parisian stylish women always wore an Hermès scarf regardless of their age..This is a secret of French chic style!

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