17 July 2011

Fashion Turbans the new obsession!

Grace Kelly

Turban is a popular hair accessory worn in Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia. Many celebrities and style icons wore turban in the past such as Princess Grace Kelly, Madame Gres, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor. They have historically been associated with the Arab dress, with Hollywood Glamour of the 1920s. Recently became again fashion trend, has been worn by Sarah Jessica Parker at ''Sex and the city 2''  , by Kate Moss at the Met Gala in 2009 .There are many street fashionistas and stylists such as Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Lopez, Mary Ashley Olsen, Nini, Glamourai who wear turbans. Also in New York Jason Wu styled his spring collection with black turbans and Giorgio Armani used North-Africa inspired turbans for his colletion!

Madame Gres

Sarah Jessica Parker

Wearing a turban  demands personal style ,confidence and knowledge of fashion trends. I believe that is a very smart choice for a chic outfit. From silk to wool,  it can be worn with an evening look !I like turban combined with maxi dresses and long earings. I suggest that turban to every woman who believes truly on her style and wants to create a fresh elegant style .It is so fashionable,that can be worn from fashion shows up to city streets..


Kate Moss

Jason Wu Spring collection'11

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