29 July 2011

Amy Winehouse -Fashion Icon of Soul& Jazz music

Amy Winehouse lived her life with passion, tasted the joy of the glory and the pain quickly. She was a genius and soul of black music, she married pop music with jazz and loved fanatically but paid the price of glory. She was the biggest star of soul music scene and her voice was magical. Emy was defeated by passions at the age of 27 years but will remain forever in ourhearts as a star of music. Emy was also an enigmatic  figure ,with a charismatic voice and unique talent. Emy had personal style and what made it unique was the movements of her body on stage ,the emotion which she derived through the songs,the dress, the eyes of eyeliner,the strange hairstyle,big earrings and many tattoos all seemed like an unconventional girl with influences from 60's and Jazz music.

Amy was very skinny and cute,as a romantic girl with rock influences. She used to put very black eyeliner,such as Maria Kallas ,to dress in romantic dress style 50 s-60s, the hair of old-style 60, usually tied back with a ribbon on her head! I think Amy was supporting the look and didn't want to cause the interest of Media.As for her appearances always used to wear mini dresses with waist belt ,always pink ballerinas ballet with shorts. Amy has created fashion rules and influenced the style and even great fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld first noticed the unique style ,from which inspired an entire fashion show by Amy. She was a fashion icon ,created her own personal style. Last year, Amy worked with the firm of Fred Perry to create her own personal clothing line. Amy's voice will always speak to the souls of her fans and the style will be a model for many girls..

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