25 July 2011

Achilleion Corfu- Grecian Style by DemiJo

Achilleion is a palace built in Corfu by Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi! Sisi was a very beautiful woman, powerful but tragically vulnerable. The Palace was built in 1890 ,was designed with the mythical hero Achilles as its central theme.She has become a historical icon, is consired to have been a non-conformist who abhorred protocol and at the same time a tragic figure! Queen Elisabeth of Austria has been one of my favourites royal historical icons ,and has inspired me not only for her beauty but for her personality.I think anyone deserves to visit Achilleion least once in his life,to feel like a Queen or King in the Royal gardens of the Palace!

Jewelry Queen Elisabeth

Portrait of Queen Sisi

Demi Jo in the Royal Gardens

I love this dress i'm wearing in the photo reminds me of something Greek Ancient style, with colorful polca dot pattern combined with gold gladiator style shoes ideal for holidays!

Elisabeth with diamond stars in her hair,1865

Wearing: BP56 frp11 dress by Monaco, Gold gladiator sandals by Juicy Couture, Emilio Pucci bag-purse, Cartier vintage bracelet, Gucci sunglasses.


  1. Was looking for Pictures of Achilles at the Achilleion and found your pictures. Great pictures. Nice dress. I did not know that about Queen Elisabeth of Austria. Would love to visit here.

    Thanks again. Love your blog.


    1. Dear Paul,
      Thanks a lot for your great comments!So happy to hear that..I have many photos at the Achilleion!Every summer I enjoy visiting this wonderful place!!Thank you ,would y like to follow me?!
      Demi xx


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