16 July 2011

3 Bags -3 Style Icons Kelly's Bag- Jackie 'O - Lady Dior

1.  Kelly's Bag Hermès is one of the most elegant famous bags of our time. The origins of the Kelly firstly appeared ,in its original form in the 1930's, but it wasn't until 1956 became a star. The Kelly bag is so named after the actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly,when in 1956 used her favourite bag  Hermès to hide her pregnancy from paparazzi. Such was Kelly's influence that her essential accessory became known as the ''Kelly'' bag and was bestseller in the United States and London. Grace was often photographed with Kelly's bag as a star at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, at her engagement announcement and on her honeymoon.
By 1960 the authentic and expensive ''Kelly'' was a well known status symbol, and both the price and the lenght of the waiting list to buy one have continued to increase.  Kelly bags have 5 different sizes and are usually come from ostrich-skin, crocodile, alligator! Victoria Becham is one of the most famous celebrities for her  Hermès  Birkin and Kelly collection.

2.  Jackie O bag  by Gucci first created in the late 50's is a recognizable classic bag with rounded edges and a signature push lock closure. The style was named in honor of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis after she was photographed a lot of times wearing the shoulder bag. Frida Giannini renamed the new Jackie. Each model requires a minimum of seven hours and maximum of thirteen hours to produce by hand. This style offers elegance and luxury,such as for ladies who want a timeless glamour,not a flashy trend! 

Laboratory Gucci Firenze

3.  The Lady Dior bad was designed by Dior for Princess Diana. Lady Dior is still one of the most iconic and timeless bags around the world. In the 90s Princess Diana always wore on her travels and to social events her Lady Dior black bag! Princess Diana had her own unique style and by wearing the Lady D bag made a fashion statement! John Galliano updated the New classic Lady Dior bag again  with a variety of colours and skins.After 20 years Lady D bag still remains one of the most popular, expensive, sold out but all time classic bags.

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