12 June 2011

Cycle chic!

Cycle chic is the culture of  cycling in fashionable clothes. Many people ride bikes in cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Berne, Bristol, Milano. In Europe and Asia cycling is everyday transport  and many women wear fashionable clothes and hig heels for riding their bikes.Many european cities  invest in bicycle-friendly facilities.

Due to the economical crisis and natural environment lovers cycling is growing in nowdays especially for young people.Many fashion designers have contributed with their way in Cycle chic. Also, many celebrities support the idea of cycling.Fashion lovers ride a bike instead of walking! Last summer Levi's designed a line for ''cycling clothes '' the ''Commuter''. Paul Smith designed collections for bikers. Also, Dior used a girl-model who rides a bike for the advertisement of his new fragrance'' Miss Dior''. Chanel has created a  black bike as a part of spring/summer collection 2008  for offering a  luxury travel.

Agyness Deyn

Angelina Jolie


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