12 June 2011

Chanel Luxury must-have

1. My favourite Chanel Half Tint 5018 cost over $ 1,000 and many models and celebrities wear them such as Nicole Richie ,Ashley Olsen. These large half tint  sun glasses have round shape, thick plastic frames and gradient lens. Nikole was the first took this look to streets, made it one of the most trend fashion items!

2.  Chanel handbags are one of my favourite desired ''it'' and all time classic bags at the same time. 2.55 classic Jumbo flap  is made of genuine soft intertwined lambskin leather, features a single gold or silver chain strap wrapped around leather.Many Celebrities such as Victoria Becham, Nikole Richie, Chiara Ferragni,Olivia Palermo,Kate Moss ,Rachel Zoe have passion with 2.55 Jumbo Chanel bag.

3 . The chanel ballerinas in lambskin are one of my favourite all time classic ''it'' flat shoes!Black and white ,with grosgrain or leather vernis edges flat bow and cap toe.

4.Chanel suits are the most classic of all ages, whether it is a 60's suit or a millenium suit remains the same! The typical classic suit also has a slim skirt lined with a gold link chain.The buttons either are gold with the double'' CC'' logo displayed them or resemble coins.There are a lot of details such as unique expensive fabrics, bias cuts ,hand sewing .The zipper  is placed on the side of the skirt to enable comfort. Chanel has created an elegant suit that still remains comfort for the wearer when moves.Also a classic suit has accessorized with pearls,genuine and costume .The price of a Chanel suit has estimated that  costs over $ 8,000 and can only be purchased at Chanel Boutiques.

5.Chanel necklaces by Pearls are one of the most elegant luxury jewelry can be matched with a black dress, a chanel typical suit, a simple white shirt or a sweater.

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