20 May 2011

Royal ''must-have'' hats

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are wearing hats designed by Philip Treacy

Royal Ascot hats
 Royal hats ,have been an important part of  one's social status and style which represent someone's personality. I believe that the secret for a smart outfit for a wedding or a fashion gala -party is a unique designer's hat such as a ''Philip Treacy'' hat! Hats became one of the favourite latest ''trend setters'' accessories in fashion,  as a sample of elegance!  A royal hat can give a sophisticated look in an outfit,also can make a look classy or elegant. Every year happens  the  Racecourse Ascot  which is closely associated with Royal family since 1711, where is strictly enforced for  lady's look to wear a day dress with a hat or a  fascinator.
A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery made by wool or lace.
Fascinators are decorated with lots of netting, flowers feathers and sequins even plastic.Fascinators found their way into burlesque style are worn increasingly at formal events,can be sockingly expensive!

In 1986 Suzy Menkes,writing in The Times ,credited the princess Diana for the fact that '' Hats are being worn again by the young''. The Lady Di wore hats designed by John Boyd, Philip Somerwille who convinced Diana to try bigger hats in bolder colours,with contrasting edges or hatbands.Diana's big hats were the first sign that she had real chic.

At the royal wedding  ,of Prince William and Kate Middleton one of the most discussed parts,was the ''royal'' hats were wearing all the gests,celebrities and queens.Most of women at the royal wedding, wore hats designed by Philip Treacy such as Victoria Becham, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, Tara Palmer Tomkison .


Victoria Becham with hat by Philip Treacy

Charlen Wittstock

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