16 May 2011

Coco before Chanel..

''Fashion does not only exist in dresses,fashion is in the air, it is brought in by the wind, one feels it coming, breathes it in,it is in the sky and on the pavement, it depends on ideas,customs,and happenings.''Coco
Gabrielle for me is an icon of fashion and can lay claim to having invented the look of 20th century!
She introduced the little black dress,trousers for women line,costume jewelry..Chanel made the first ever couture perfume-No5-remains the first and most popular ever created!From the collaboration with Picasso,Diaghilev,Stavinsky,Cocteau,Jean Renoir,Visconti she matched their modernist innovations with fashion and created a new concept of elegance,by liberating women from the prison of 19th fashion!
Myth still lives by her handmade handbags 2.55, black&white suits, perfumes..with her double C!

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